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Shield H

The pandemic of coronavirus infection in 2020 has triggered the importance of fast response to health issues. Now that businesses are gradually returning to pre-epidemic levels of operation, regular health screenings of staff have become critical to avoiding a disease outbreak followed by company failure. MAH Technologies, a software research and development company, has developed the ShieldH Passport, a blockchain-based application for confirming and storing personal health information without the need for multilayer validation. The ShieldH Passport, is a digital profiler that contains information on the user's illness status, such as HIV infection, COVID-19 infection, TB infection, and others. Medical institutions can leverage the ShieldH Passport, platform to exert control over the nation's health on a national and regional level. Features Genetic Information: As a necessary component of medical therapy, genetic data in the EHR must be continually and easily available to both patients and clinicians, while maintaining sufficient privacy protection, in order to fulfill the objective of individualized medicine and rapid response to medical emergencies. Genetic information gives unique insights into your health, illness risk, and other characteristics. Previous Disease, Medication and Comorbidity After the verification process is completed, the user's / patient's previous disease, along with all medications and comorbidity details, will be available and accessible to concerned providers. Low-level details, such as all symptoms and treatment for any disease, the exact dose, and duration for each medicine, will be available and accessible to concerned providers.