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1. INFORMATION SECURITY Privacy is a critical part of patient treatment. It is required by law to retain and keep all records pertaining to a patient's medical history. These are confidential and only a few people have access to them. And thus, is the difficulty in safeguarding them from hacking and virus attacks. Additionally, the records must be tamper-proof for future reference. 2. IDENTITY VERIFICATION- Patient identity and validation continue to be a significant concern across the sector. Vulnerabilities linked with online data transfer and identity theft are common occurrences. 3. MOVEMENT RESTRICTIONS & HEALTH STATUS The pandemic's extraordinary movement limitations posed several obstacles for healthcare professionals. Worldwide mobility limitations had a detrimental effect on countries' economic and social well-being. Complete lockdown policies have led economies into recession. This has necessitated the development of a method for real-time data communication. The patient's health situation necessitates the involvement of designated stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem.