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Tokenizing healthcare by Giving the power of Defi and blockchain

Digital Immutable Health Records

Identity Verification/Medical Compliance

Smart Claim Settlements

Trusted Data for Medical Research

E-Consultation /Emergency Support

“MAH HEalthcare OU is Estonia Based rapidly growing Healthcare IT company with the Vision of Creating Brand Value in Short span of 2 years. MAH Want to Expand its service offerings across Healthcare IT industry sectors, number of customers, number of operating locations and capability for value creation. A strong leadership, investment in infrastructure and people, confidence of our People and our unwavering passion for excellence has significantly contributed to this momentum. MAH is constantly investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure, building people competence, adopting leading edge technology, and adding business value for its customer as well as in Community and everything else that is essential to achieve customer delight and employee jubilation. MAH Healthcare uses blockchain technology to securely manage health records for a collaborative, smart approach to healthcare”

How It Works

The pandemic of corona virus infection in 2020 has triggered the importance of fast response to health issues. Now that the companies slowly return to pre-epidemic life, employees’ health checkup has become crucial to prevent a disease outbreak followed by business collapse.

MAH Technologies, A software R&D and developer, has created Digital Health Passport, or DHP, a blockchain based application for verifying and storing personal health history with no need for multilevel validation of information.

Embrace your health

A medical institution carries out testing of a person to check whether they are infected or immune to COVID-19, or other disease, and adds the test result to medical history

Nurturing body and mind

The examined person creates a digital profile in DHP and passes account verification. Then they add test results to their digital profile and receive an individual QR code.

Vitamins and suplements

The QR code can be shared with an employer or any other authorized person for secure view of the health account via a web browser or a smartphone.